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Surfactants (wetting agents) have become an important tool for golf-course superintendents. A survey of more than 600 superintendents showed 87% used these products as part of their regular maintenance program, while another 11% used them in specific problem situations.

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What are the common golf-course problems that Surf-Max™ addresses?

On the golf course, SURF-MAX™ can be used to:

  • Reduce soil water repellency in “hot spots” and localized dry spots.
  • Ensure even root zone water distribution and availability of nutrients and chemical inputs applied by water, and help move water through soil profiles that have been “plugged up.”
  • Help turf and roots to be better able to withstand fluctuations in moisture availability and defend against stresses brought on by heat and drought conditions.
  • Increase movement of moisture through soils to help make greens drier and firmer.

SURF-MAX™ can be used at all turf growth stages when irrigation use efficiency is desired— including prior to and during summer stress and whenever drought conditions or water restrictions are present.
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Can adding SURF-MAX™ help my overseeding program?

SURF-MAX™ can be particularly effective during golf course overseeding, when heightened water repellency of soil can make it difficult for turf to grow in—resulting in wasted water and grass seed. Click here to see our Turf Overseeding Program product guide.

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Aren’t all surfactant products the same? Why should I try Huma Gro® Turf SURF-MAX™?

Huma Gro® SURF-MAX™ is complexed with our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® (MCT). The MCT blend of very small organic molecules allows for more effective absorption of nutrients through roots. As SURF-MAX™ helps water penetrate the soil, the water-carried nutrients are brought along and absorbed by the turf more efficiently. SURF-MAX™ is also fully biodegradable, non-hazardous, nonphytotoxic, and highly compatible with existing chemistries.

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Are there additional Huma Gro® Turf products that will help my golf course?

Yes, Huma Gro® Turf offers a comprehensive program of highly active liquid nutrients, soil activators, and biopesticides designed specifically for turf management. More information is available at https://humagroturf.com/huma-gro-turf-products/.

SURF-MAX™, Video Demonstrations

Soil Surfactant Surf-Max™ Demonstration A-1: Thatch Infiltration Bench Test. Dr. Johann Buck demonstrates how SURF-MAX™ helps water penetrate hydrophobic turf thatch and spread evenly through the soil.
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Soil Surfactant Surf-Max™ Demonstration A-2: Hydration Bench Test. Dr. Johann Buck demonstrates how SURF-MAX™ can help water rapidly penetrate even compressed discs of coir (coconut) fiber.
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Soil Surfactant Surf-Max™ Demonstration A-3: Golf Course Hydration. Dr. Johann Buck demonstrates the effectiveness of SURF-MAX™ on golf course turf. Dr. Buck is joined by Matt Roush, Superintendent of San Marcos Golf Resort in Chandler, Ariz.
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Surfactant (Wetting Agent) Articles and Links

Wetting Agents: What Are They, and How Do They Work? In this 2004 article from Golf Course Management, Dr. Karnok provides an overview of how wetting agents work and how they can most effectively be used on the golf course.

The Age of Wetting Agents. Jason Stahl’s 2014 article in Golf Course Industry notes that wetting agents aren’t just for water conservation, they have the added benefits of impacting chemical efficiency, irrigation efficiency, and playability.

Understanding the Different Wetting Agent Chemistries. In this 2012 article from USGA Green Section Record, the Michigan State University authors give an introduction to soil surfactants and walk us through their different chemistries. As you read this article, keep in mind that SURF-MAX™ is a blend of multi-block, co-polymer, non-ionic surfactants.

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