Carbon-Rich Organic Acids

carbon-rich-organic-acidsHUMA GRO® TURF’s exclusive processes allow us to offer you high-performing fertility products based on organic acid compounds rich in carbon. These natural organic acids are similar to the chemical make-up of the plants themselves, so it’s easier for the roots or leaves to assimilate the added nutrients and put them to work more effectively. Our Carbon-Rich Organic Acids also work in protecting roots against the damaging effect of highly acidic or alkaline soils. With HUMA GRO® TURF Carbon-Rich Organic Acid products, your turf and ornamentals can maximize the potential of your fertilizer, resulting in better germination, more efficient foliar applications, and strong, healthy growth.

Individual Products:

X-TEND® B (6-2-0)

X-TEND® B is a concentrated MCT product with high levels of organic acids and nutrients. X-TEND® B is formulated to be blended in liquid fertilizers or to be impregnated onto dry fertilizers, which extends the effectiveness of the fertilizer or fertilizer solutions. X-TEND® B has a blue dye so that application can be verified.

FULVI PRO® (0-0-0 +25% FA)

FULVI PRO® complexed with MCT is an activated liquid Fulvic Acid source derived from highly oxidized leonardite material. FULVI PRO® provides a liquid carbon-rich foliar additive as well as a food substrate for the beneficial biology in the soil.

HUMA BURST® (0-0-0 +70% HA)

HUMA BURST® is a dry, uniform, granulized humic acid product derived  from a highly oxidized, naturally occurring carbon-rich material called leonardite. HUMA BURST® was created for the treatment of carbon-depleted soil conditions and improved organic matter balance.

HUMA PRO® (0-0-0 +6% HA)

HUMA PRO® complexed with MCT is an activated liquid Humic Acid source derived from a highly oxidized, naturally occurring carbon and mineral deposit. For the treatment of unbalanced soil conditions caused by the lack of Humic Acid. HUMA PRO® promotes a stronger, healthier soil for sustainable plant growth.

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