Case Studies

HUMA GRO® TURF Research Reports & Field Studies
Since 1973, HUMA GRO® has been testing its soil, nutrient and plant protection products in the field. Today, HUMA GRO® TURF continues to conduct field trials and 3rd-party research studies to formulate & offer the most effective turf products with our Micro Carbon Technology®. Through our testing we’ve compiled recent field trials and 3rd-party research studies, many of which you can review online. Click on the links below to view the reports, and check back as we’ll be posting new information throughout the year.

Promax® Controls Nematodes for English Boxwood
Fertil Humus®, Water Infiltration Field Study
PROMAX®, ZAP® on Stunt Nematodes in Turf Research Report
PROMAX™ Greenhouse Test on Nematodes in Plant Roots & Soil
PROMAX Reduces Nematodes on CA Golf Course Field Study-2015 Update
PROMAX™ Nematode Control at VA Country Club Graph
PROMAX™ Controls Boxwood Nematodes
ENCAPSALT™ Report on Salt Stressed Rye Grass
N & P Stabilization in Fine Sand with HUMA GRO TURF®
ENCAPSALT® Research Report: Growth Responses of Bermudagrass
The Effect of Huma Gro® Turf SUPER PHOS® and Competitive Products on Bermuda Grass Shoot Biomass
Efficacy of Huma Gro® PROUD 3® on Alternaria Leaf Spot





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