You can count on HUMA GRO® TURF liquid products to deliver higher quality turf at a much lower cost than most conventional fertilizer products. Each and every one of our high-quality turf nutrition and surfactant products includes our proprietary Micro Carbon Technology® as a base for ultra-efficient absorption and uptake. This improved efficiency benefits your bottom line by delivering healthy, quality turf.

In this RESOURCES section, we provide two areas of information that will help you decide which HUMA GRO® TURF products or product combinations will best address your turf needs:

  • Research Reports and Case Studies: You can count on University-based research to give you an objective evaluation of turf products, and we’re happy to share reports from major universities on HUMA GRO® TURF product effectiveness. We also include case studies from actual users who have tried HUMA GRO® TURF products and want to share their results.
  • Special Turf Programs: Turf management is a never-ending series of problems to be solved. We’ve developed this series of 16 Special Turf Programs to help turf managers deal with their most common turf problems: from Black Plug Layer to Fairy Ring, from Overseeding to Water Conservation, we have a HUMA GRO® TURF solution for you!
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