Scientifically Proven, Turf Verified™

We have liquid-based turf fertilizers and specialty products to cover a wide array of turf and soil needs, ensuring that turf managers are able to maintain even, consistent blades and vibrant color. All of our products contain ultra-efficient Micro Carbon Technology®  which means you can now do more with less product.

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Sustainable Soil Fertility

Improve soil structure and soil microbial activity


Give your turf high-efficiency N-P-K nutrition for easy maintenance

Zero-Residue Turf Protection

omri-logo-01Cure diseased turf and soils with safe, organic, effective pesticides


Ensure that turf managers are getting the most out of their applied water and water-carried inputs.

Optimal Growth Managers

Effect a hormonal response in turf to encourage fuller horizontal turf growth


Give your turf the extra edge with ultra-efficient micronutrient products

Carbon-Rich Organic Acids

Enrich your soil & turf with our organic acid compounds rich in carbon

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